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What We Do

Well most is self explanitory, we are a Driver Education Program.

One Stop Shopping:  Driver Education and Road Test all in one place.

Not only can you take the state mandated driver education but now we can give you your road test located in Walhalla.  Once you pass your road test all you have to do is go to the DMV and get your picture made. (Some tested students may be randomly retested by the DMV).

Holman’s driving school offers a set classroom schedule as well as flexible driving times.


Driving School

Road Test

Adults  (Anyone over 18) Minimum 6 hours

Duplicate certificates

Driver Ed and Road Test

I can only road test new drivers.  If you have ever had a license previously you must go to the DMV.

All Road Test applicants must make an appointment 48 hours prior to being tested.

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State Requirements:

8 hours of Classroom Instruction

6 hours of Behind The Wheel (BTW)

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